【CESA-2017:0920】最新バージョンの389-ds-baseが、Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 からご利用いただけるようになりました


最新バージョンの389-ds-baseが、Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 からご利用いただけるようになりました。

Red Hat製品のセキュリティ及び品質は大変ご好評いただいております。

今回の最新バージョンVulnerability Scoring System(CVSS)は、各セキュリティホールへのアクセス安全面を厳重にクラス分けし、確実・安全に詳細レポートをお送りいたします。参照セクションのリンクをクリックしてください。

Security Fix(es):

* An invalid pointer dereference flaw was found in the way 389-ds-base handled
LDAP bind requests. A remote unauthenticated attacker could use this flaw to
make ns-slapd crash via a specially crafted LDAP bind request, resulting in
denial of service. (CVE-2017-2668)

Red Hat would like to thank Joachim Jabs (F24) for reporting this issue.

Bug Fix(es):

* Previously, when adding a filtered role definition that uses the “nsrole”
virtual attribute in the filter, Directory Server terminated unexpectedly. A
patch has been applied, and now the roles plug-in ignores all virtual
attributes. As a result, an error message is logged when an invalid filter is
used. Additionally, the role is deactivated and Directory Server no longer
fails. (BZ#1429498)

* In a replication topology, Directory Server incorrectly calculated the size of
string format entries when a lot of entries were deleted. The calculated size of
entries was smaller than the actual required size. Consequently, Directory
Server allocated insufficient memory and terminated unexpectedly when the data
was written to it. With this update, the size of string format entries is now
calculated correctly in the described situation and Directory Server no longer
terminates unexpectedly. (BZ#1429495)

Bugs Fixed

1429495 – ns-slapd dies under heavy load
1429498 – A filtered nsrole that specifies an empty nsrole in its nsRoleFilter will result in a segfault.
1436575 – CVE-2017-2668 389-ds-base: Remote crash via crafted LDAP messages